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Are you new here? Did you stumble upon this page accidentally?
Aspiring designer, creator, animator, comic-maker, cool-stuff-doer? Confused about undergrad and grad school or even the job? Ever since I started out my career in design, I came across a number of people who extended support, encouraged, and pointed me in the right direction. I will always be grateful to them. Here’s my way to giving back to the community that raised me as a designer. Especially to all the women in tech who’ve always inspired me.

Here is a list of resources where you can find the right kind of mentors, portfolios and some cool resources.
I will be updating this list regularly.

find design resources

β€” Design Conferences 2019
A list of all Design conferences in the world in 2019, where you can filter by location, dates, and the price.

β€” Design Tools at Product Hunt
Very niche and specific design tools can be found here. Would highly recommend!

β€” unDraw
Open source illustrations

Every design shortcut ever!

β€” Voice Principles
A useful list of lists: as many guiding principles for Voice

β€” Cofolios
List of design portfolios of interns at Tech companies

β€” Interns.Design
Design Internships and apprenticeships resources

find design people

β€” Womenwhodesign A Twitter directory of accomplished women in the design industry

β€” Out of Office Hours Creating dialog between newcomers and people working in the tech industry.

β€” OOO Hours (Super helpful for the design community in India!) A collective initiative to help folks who are seeking mentorship

β€” Tech Ladies
A job board and community for women in tech

Telling the stories and thoughts of people of color in tech

β€” Ladies That UX
A community of women that work in UX

β€” HexagonUX
A UX community aimed to empower and support
women and non-binary folks.


If you’re an incoming grad student. Or considering grad school. Or even a career in design (in any field)
And I can be helpful at all, please reach out to me via email β€” or LinkedIn

If you need to book some time to chat, please reach out on